Book a Tour/Talk

Engaging with and fellow historians is one of the great joys of being an author. You can find my schedule of events here, which include presentations to historic organizations or schools, small-group walking tours of historic sites.

To Schedule A Presentation, Tour or Book Club

If you are a teacher or professor, historic organization, I am available for tours or presentations. I also offer half-hour calls or Skype with book or history clubs. To schedule any of the above, contact me.

Although I prefer to customize a presentation for your group, you may choose from presentations I have given, which are tied to specific events or publications.

Book Related Examples

Below are links to two videos of my book-related presentation. However, my talks are not limited to book-related presentations.

Presentation Examples

In addition to topic- or book-specific talks, I can customize a presentation for your group, or you may choose from presentations I have previously given.

The Principles of Leadership
Looking at the lives of great American men and women—well-known and not so well-known—through history, I explain how the United States came to be what it is today, and how the examples of the past can provide hope for the future.

Profiles in Courage
Telling the stories of everyday men and women in times of crisis—from the American Revolution to the Great Depression, World War II and Vietnam—I explore the origins and meaning of courage, and where to find it today.

Historical Hilarity
Sometimes the best stories are the funniest. And truth, as history has demonstrated time and again, is stranger than fiction. In this talk I recount the zaniest true stories and legends of the American pageant, exposing our essential humanity as well as of love of story.